Artist Statement

This is my art, but more importantly, it is my voice. I immigrated to Canada when I was just sixteen years old, and I found great difficulty interacting with others due to the linguistic barrier I had to face. Luckily, art saved me.
My grandfather always encourage me to pursue my dream. With that in mind, I painted my first work, and, as a result, “the lost child” living inside me started taking over my heart, first, then my eyes, my brain, and ultimately my hands and brushes. My paintings are interpretations of my deepest thoughts and emotions – I speak to the canvas, and it speaks back to me.
I work primarily with acrylic paint to produce paintings created by combining colorful geometric shapes with human emotions rendered through meticulous juxtapositions of animated sharp and round objects.
Art allows us to improve our self-awareness and nourish our souls; thus, my goal consists of catching the fleeting, ephemeral poetic aspects of life itself without forgetting that art can be a means of spiritual enlightenment.
My paintings, conceived to individuate and transfigure the beauty of life.


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